Babylove and the van Dangos in Korea

The opening band was the Essence.

Next was Josh Roy. I only got one good picture of him due to the lighting.

By the time Kingston Rudieska played, the place was mostly filled up.

Backstage with the Danes.

The first picture was a bit trippy.

Dain came here from Busan for the show. Her excitement level for the show was superhuman. As they were just starting, I thought she was going to pass out on top of a speaker and possibly barf everywhere.

I discovered that Johan has a very specific saxophone-playing face. He's not doing it right now, but it makes him look very angry.

And of course Dain is front row center the whole set.

Ki8ngston Rudieska's brass section joined them for the encore.

The show winded down after with Funkafric Boostdah.

Group photos at the end.

And now just Dain and the guys.

We ended up at Roots Time after.

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