Yongma Land

There were people sitting around right when I walked in.

It seemed like part park and part junkyard.

The guy with the tripod turned out to be Vietnamese. Here's the video he made.

Aladdin seems to be a fixture at Korean amusement parks.

There were other photographers shooting models.

A rooftop view of the middle of the park. The pink building seemed to be still in use, and they didn't have a problem with visitors.

Worst place ever for a mechanical bull: right next to the edge of the roof.

These "disco" rides always seem to be covered in bizarre Americana imagery.

They had coin-operated karaoke booths.

A group picture with the Vietnamese visitors.

And a model nearby.

The merry-go-round was a bit damaged but it all seemed to be non-manmade.

I really think this face looks like Phil.

Not sure why my lens fogged up.

We went for dongdongju after.

We slowly earned this cat's friendship by feeding it the seafood in our jeon.

They were in competition with each other.

The ride home, into the sunset.

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