New Year's Day

A sensible breakfast from a convenience store.

This cat ran through that fence, apparently encountered another cat, and ran out.

Not so easy for humans to run up this slope.

It looks like a previous tenant was working on some sort of movie script.

We found lots of nice clocks that day.

Another clock.

This room was filled with packing peanuts.

Not as safe as last time.

They had apparently never seen an icicle before.

Isa decided this was the perfect time to try eating snow. She reported that it tasted like soil.

Going downhill was tough.

Looks sort of like a person.

Stairs were the best way to get around.

Interesting mural. We couldn't find what this was looking at.

Further up, we found a Hanok section I'd never seen before.

And more icicles.

Another evictee group I've never heard of.

Crossing over a rooftop.

The tunnel toward Oksu Station.

They were both surprised this car was parked here.

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