Skiing at the Abandoned Ski Hill

We arrived at the train station to see a wonderful Christmas display.

Close up with the snow machines.

The controls are in Japanese.

This is part of a really badly damaged excavator.

Exposed to the elements.

We went to pick out boots. Most of them had aged very poorly, with the insulative lining shredded, and many had become brittle. Ken picked out a couple without the yellow straps.

He figured it wouldn't be that hard skiing with his ski boots not entirely on.

He ended up with a pair of short skis, which was smart. My skis were longer than any other skis I've ever used before.

Getting ready to conquer that hill.

The snow machines in the distance.

This was Ken's base camp but I intended to go higher.


Back inside, we were happy to get out of the disintegrating equipment.

Looking down toward the security guard shack. Nope, they haven't moved.

The very bottom, which now seems to have been abandoned.

This is the slope of the mountain. I'm told it originally had three lifts and six courses.

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