Statue Garden

I tried out Gajwa Station, the newly opened station not far from my home.

Expect long transfer walks.

Over at Jangchung, the gym is still gone and replaced by a crane.

Some of the bleachers are still standing. Are they going to preserve these?

The hotel is under renovation until summer.

From the roof of the duty-free store.

There's a nice park along the city walls that gives a good view of the hotel.

It's full of a variety of styles of statue.

The traditional Korean buildings of the Shilla. Not sure if these are being renovated, but they're closed right now.

A dome statue.

More statues. I'm not entirely sure I was allowed here, but if statues are there, why would I not go?

Looking over on the other side of the wall, what would have been considered outside of Seoul a long time ago.

I passed by the hotel.

The pool is being gutted.

Now that looks like a fun slide.

No, I wasn't actually on the roof.

Oops, forgot to trim off a bit of the right side.

I found this plaque in the park. So now you know who to thank for all the unquestioning dedication to employer and nation.

Something about this pose and composition reminds me of a Facebook picture.

This was easily the most impressive statue.

This one was hard to get closer to.

Can't go any farther.

Same statue I was impressed by earlier.

Or enter. I'm a sign, not a cop.

I had to go back the same way I came.

The Sun is approaching Namsan.

Back down into the subway.

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