Rooftops with Javin

Overlooking Deoksugung.

One way Javin contrasted Seoul to Toronto was in how the buildings were all of different heights.

A pretty good rooftop.

Up on the roof.

Couldn't decide between horizontal and vertical.

Probably only suitable for use in an emergency.

Oh great, a camera.

A great view of Cheong Wa Dae. I joked that a Canadian sniper could probably take out a president from here, but Javin had to argue that the weather wasn't stable enough for it since we weren't at sea level.

Looking out over the Deoksu area. The British Embassy is in there somewhere.

Looking down Cheonggyecheon. We briefly considered going in the building on the left, but it had a bank.

The second Geumhwa Apartment seems to be abandoned now too. There was a police car sitting in front the whole time we were there though.

A familiar roof in Sinchon. Javin initially didn't realise that there was a balcony right below him.

Not quite as terrifying when you know there's a solid floor below you.

I was surprised the Grand Mart was still open. I thought it shut down for renovations?

You can't see all the people in the gym exercising.

The more you look, the more potential subway entrances you find.

Over above Hongdae.

I can see my home from here.

Looks like smoke from Danginri.

Severance Hospital.

Time for some railfanning.

With all his gear, Javin could barely fit on the ladder. He looked like cookie dough being squeezed out of a tube on his way up.

Lotte Cinema rooftop, where the giant figures are still flipping off the city.

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