More Fun with Javin

Millie and Buster have enough trouble climbing up onto the bed to handle any roofs.

I told Javin to meet at Dong Cult Park Exit 12, only to find a sincere apology for its temporary closure.

We went up one roof.

Dong Cult Park is almost ready for its 2010 opening.

Exit 12.

Meanwhile, beneath the Earth's surface...

These trucks were filthy.

This one kind of reminded me of an anglerfish.

Javin's getting impatient.

One way up.

In order to get out we had to cross this latticework of steel bars.

Interesting way to store your nails.

We visited Sewoon Sangga.

Do you complain about scooters on the sidewalk? Then you're lucky you don't live here.

The view from Sewoon Sangga.

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