New Year Asia Ska Festival

We start in Hongdae Playground where Crazy Park Girl sings of lost loves and perhaps casts an eye toward Stephen Epstein, who was waiting for me there.

In the convenience story by the venue.

Two members of Autocratics.

The first band was Counter Reset.

We managed to have a 3/4 reunion from a big thing I did a few years ago.

I was still trying to get my speedlight to work.

Meh, back to ambient lighting for this venue.

Next band was Bon Deluxe, a Japanese acoustic ska group.

Ken's in action too.

The third band was Autocratics, who put on the most energetic ska show I've ever seen.

Oops, white strip.

A series of pictures I put together of Jacco, who was almost certainly the tallest person there. I found the hand motions and his spinning around interesting.

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