New Year Asia Ska Festival

Next is Skaff-links, the ska band with the silliest ska-pun name I've ever heard since Skanic, which is such a bad pun I still don't know what it's punning.

I just realised the keyboardist was standing pigeon-toed the entire set. That's gotta hurt.

Simon stretching his hands up is almost as tall as Jacco standing still.

Son, who turned out to be the organiser, was broadcasting the show on live TV.

At this point they started inviting guest musicians on stage. This is the sax player from Number One Korean.

Gotta love a baritone sax.

Cheolwook from Kingston Rudieska gets on stage too.

It's getting crowded.

Waiting for the last band.

Number One Korean.

I like the reflection in his glasses.

The afterparty at Samgyeop Sidae -- Three-Layer Generation.

Walking home.

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