Abandoned Amusement Park

I hadn't even noticed these dinosaurs before.

Toothless and eyeless.

This merry-go-round appeared in the "Gangnam Style" video.

Lots of cars again today.

The building to the right was definitely still in use and office lights were on inside. Nobody ever seemed to see me out here.

Front gate.

The "Ghost Country" was something I hadn't gotten into last time.

There was enough light leaking in, as the place was basically built out of several cargo containers and pulled apart after closing.

This one was exposed using natural lighting.

This one was much darker and I used my speed flash.

I initially thought this one had some kind of elf ears, but only when I saw the pictures after did I see the knife handle.

This one wasn't easy to photograph.

This one was set up the best, with the most room for my camera and for me to move around.

You can see me holding my flash in this one. Also, her hair snagging on me. I left that park with some of them stuck in parts of my clothes.

Kids waiting in line would sign their names and apparently their favourite Premier League teams.

I see Shinji in the right corner, near Sancho which is a nickname for Joe. Did you guys go on a double date there with girls who were not your wives?

The sun was lower so I had a better chance to get a picture of the merry-go-round with more lighting on the upper level.

Outside the fence, I found this.

Cound this be a bomb shelter? It's not very deep.

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