Looks like the pool isn't open yet.

The front entrance.

The main building.

Next door is Doori Land.

Come for the rides, stay for the pork cutlets, leave for the extreme nausea.

Now this is just lonely looking.

This looks remarkably similar to another amusement park in Namwon (see last image). Is this also Chunhyang?

Jangheung seems dominated by mountains as well as elevated highways passing high over the city.

I found this Stargate nearby. Apparently if you go through, you come out in a bicycle village.

Abandoned stuffed animal.

In front of an abandoned house.

I think this might've been part of a church.

This church.

This was an abandoned bank nearby.

Star Trek mug. I admit I was tempted.

They were not Christians apparently.

Night was falling.

Yet another otherworldly portal.

Epaksa Academy. I wonder if they teach the YMCA there.

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