Looking out over downtown and northern Seoul in the distance.

Looking down over Haebangchon (right) and Gyeongnidan (left), with the river in the distance.

I never realised Namsan has two peaks.

Looking west.

Looking east toward Seongdong-gu. That spider-looking thing is on the edge of that island with Seoul Forest.

The tower's shadow.

I was thinking it would be fun to make large numbers down there so Namsan works as a giant sundial.

I'm pretty sure this shot is looking into Uijeongbu in the upper right.

I was amused by the reflections in this one.

I don't see how it's that possible Vancouver is that much closer than Seattle.

Jung-gu is improperly romanised and Tteokbokki is insanely romanised. "become the pride and love for all Koreans" is Konglish, and is not true considering most Koreans are more familiar with a very different style of tteokbokki.

The only thing I'm going to bother to pick on is the typo on "celebrities."

Location(City/Region): Seoul, Yongsan-gu
Name of the Site/Facility: CJ Seoul Tower
Errors: Seoul Forest Park should be all capitalised. Date format is wrong. 2500 million is better written as 2.5 billion. The second sentence is a sentence fragment. Incorrect romanisation and formatting of Seongdong-gu. Konglish makes it hard to understand why Hyde Park and Central Park are mentioned.
Recommendation: Have all text from this observation deck rewritten.
Egregiousness level: 4/5 (I'll only award 5/5 to something embarrassingly sexual)

Inconsistency in romanisation of Cheonggyecheon. Also, it looks like a quotation mark explosion in the third line. Line 7 isn't great either. The last line ends poorly with "to environment-oriented one."

Once again, Dongdaemun is romanised in two different ways. I prefer the first but have generally accepted the second.

It's 4 o'clock. With a minimum of hassle, those buildings could be somewhat modified to resemble the number 4.

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