Car-Free Gwanghwamun

Millie didn't want me to leave.

Or wanted to come with me.

The north end of the plaza was occupied by kids' rides.

Nice typo.

Heading up the street toward the intersection.

Looking back toward the gate.

No idea what this person's deal was.

I went up onto a roof to get a better view.

The market's around here somewhere.

There it is.

This is one instance where I really could've used a fisheye.

Looking west toward that weird moving silhouette statue.

The palace and Cheong Wa Dae.

This roof was a bit more sketchy, safety-wise.

There's Boshingak.

Apparently they haven't finalised the name for the event yet.

The south end of the market was the most crowded.

This was all flea market stands, including many run by kids.

The Hanullim Saxophone Corps played a concert in the street. I can't remember which one right now but I eventually figured out that the song they were playing at this moment was done by Bob Marley.

Farmer's market wares.

And the Mexcican food, which spells it right on this side. Would've liked to try it but the line was too long.

One great thing about living in Korea: you can take pictures at places like this and not worry about being mistaken for a child predator.

I don't know why I have three of these.

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