Clowncarring in Anyang

We decided this would be the best way in.

This building still had an unknown number of residents. The entrances were locked or in bad shape, but many of the apartments were locked.

There sure is a lot of repetition here.

Send in the clowns.

Shortly after this, I declowned and we ran into a resident of the building.

Five clowns enter the kitchen.

One clown leaves.

There were some interesting evergreens growing between the buildings.

An alley of smaller homes. Even a lot of these obeyed some form of symmetry.

2011 calendar.

Paging Dr Escher.

The streets were still in use, and there was nothing stoping people from driving, walking, or biking through. Even the buses were still running.


Asbestos warning.

My two non-clown friends.

More evictee graffiti.

Crazy Gophers.

If you are caught, you will be punished by law.

No dumping. Something that hired goons often do to discourage residents.

Washroom door.

Black pigs.

There were a lot of toys here.

There was an evictee headquarters right in the middle of the area. At times they were playing protest music.

Their truck.

Sweet mini-bike. I should've had something next to it for scale.

Wherever there are businesses and homes being evicted together, you know things will be worse.

And Fighting.

Pretty symmetrical.

The floors were smashed up by scavengers looking for ondol pipes. There's still a solid concrete floor underneath that can hold...three people.

He kind of reminds me of a blond Matt Smith (the current Doctor Who).

A very loud cat. But fair enough, considering his friend ran away when I approached.

Skateboard decks everywhere. We also found a bowling ball.

Interesting door design.

Time to board the bus! Next stop: Detroit.

Another evictee banner.

More clowns!

2009 calendar.

Oh look, a sauna. And the soccer ball had been leading us around a while.

It's filled with clowns. Of course.

Really didn't mean to get Justin's ass in this shot.

We were stopped by the driver of this truck which was unmarked beyond a simple flashing light on the roof. He warned us not to go in any buildings and headed on his way. So...there is security here.

More gopher mania.

Shortly after the first truck, we were followed by this second truck pictured on the left. It followed us down the block, then as soon as we reached the edge of the abandoned zone the driver got out and walked away.

Saying goodbye to our trusty soccer ball.

Thank you for your service.

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