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She had trouble fitting her legs in, but this picture convinces me she'd make one hell of a taxi driver.

Or member of a biker gang.

Or maroon-clad sailor I guess.

We had a bit of trouble setting up this shot. The ride still spins pretty well.

Self portrait, kind of.

There were lots of photographers there that day, with their own models.

Fortunately nobody else was using Dumbo.

Cosplayers laden with photo equipment.

This is probably the most American-looking picture taken of Roberta.

Taking a train ride.

I was being careful because the owner was right next to us. If my camera hadn't been set on remote i would've gotten a picture of a decent amount of money changing hands. It looks like the owner is now charging groups for the use of the park.


I can't imagine what she's thinking here.

We managed to get onto the merry-go-round, but we'll probably show up in the backgrounds of some pretty extreme cosplay pictures.

Let's just say these are the more tamely dressed cosplayers.

A bunch of them walked by me at once and I figured it was a good chance to get their pictures.



The way out.

Turns out Roberta's bored of animals.

And Sailor Moon.

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