Jacco owes me a beer

A little old house behind the Somerset.

Looking towards Anguk Station.

The long-since-emptied embassy compound between Samcheong-dong and Gyeongbokgung.

A closer look at the base.

The place still seems to be guarded.

Looking down on the little alley where the members of the RASKB come to get liquored up after a lecture.

Jacco owes me a beer.

Lots of wood stored here.

The interior is cramped and far from modern.

Painters in Gyeongbokgung.

The newspapers are from Ilgan Sports. I didn't get a closer picture, stupidly, but they seem pretty modern, at least from the '80s.

The chimney on the roof didn't look so sturdy.

Looking down toward Jacob's.

Toward the Somerset.

The way out.

There was a Monday, July 1 in 2002, 1996, and 1991. I'm going to assume this one is from the most recent of those.

The gate, which is now locked.

The front of the building. I'm guessing the third from the top is Ilgan Sports. Bottom one I think is called Teen Times, or Kids' Korea Times.

Korea Times.

And Ken thought we'd have to freeclimb this.

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