Yongsan Railyard

I used to find this area picturesque, although admittedly I am a bit of a railfan.

This is the leftmost shot of a panorama set I hope to construct soon.

p> The walkway to Yongsan Electronics Market, as awesomely ghetto as always.

Uh, a crater.

Looking toward Yongsan Station.

Another look down the walkway.

A typical scene in Yongsan Station.

I foudn this impressive rooftop along the railyard.

This storage space had a ladder I used to climb up, which you can see peeking out.

I got this shot of Saenamteo, the Catholic shrine, which would've been perfect if the sky hadn't been '90s highrise colour.

A small Hanok village below me.

Not in great shape, but I think it still looks loved.

Ideal for railfans, noisy for everyone else.

So let's get at them abandonments.

This was in the hatch in the floor in the previous picture. Must be intended to distribute something.

Saenamteo in the early sunset.

Silly sign, robots don't have spines!

Former post office.

The same train building, looking the opposite direction.

A map of it. The Korean name doesn't help explain its function.

Looking across the wasteland to the city core.

I like this machine.

Even knowing what it is, I still find the name funny. Also, the unnecessary quotation marks.

The inside of the post office building was dedicated to sorting out the nation's mail, Seoul-bound in this area.

Doesn't look so nice now.

Mental note: leave the excavator at home.

I walked in on this, and I was quite amazed by the scale of things.

Many warnings. I guess Samsung uses insects to promote safety?

I honestly don't know what this facility was for. My best guess was filtration for some kind of substance that was being turned into a powder. Concrete?

It was reassuring to see that if I fell in, I could climb out.

The drama of this location is ruined partly by the diffuse lighting.

What I like about this shot is that you can see a line 1 train running in the background.

Whee! Slide!

I had a great view of trains going by all the time. Even moreso the sound.

Walking by, I had a strong impression that the middle white bag resembled a skull very cloesly. Not so much anymore. Tilt your head 45 degrees to the left to get a vague idea what I'm talking about.

Jesus in front of Saenamteo has a nice view of the wasteland.

This is the green carpet. Probably intended to keep sediment from blowing into the air.

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