Revolving Restaurant

I arrived just as this building was lit up by the setting Sun.

There'll be a more extensive post on spring flowers on here soon.

Well that was easier than I expected.

The view was ruined by dirty glass and screens.

The golf was okay though.

Fortunately, I fell out an open window.

I had to look back up to confirm that I hadn't just jumped out a window and plunged to my death. Yes, the ladder is real, the ladder is real.

Looking down toward Hoehyeon Citizens' Highrise, the oldest remaining highrise in Seoul.

A little closer in on it. This building was reported to be slated for development back in 2005, but is still doing fine. Even the protest banners are gone, now replaced by "no photography" signs.

Have I mentioned, it's apparently the inspiration for Yun Soo-il's "Apateu?"

They had a number of these rigs on the roof. Note the weights at the back.

The building was surrounded by patriotic statues, parks, and museums.

I'm directly underneath the revolving restaurant. Was it a restaurant?

The building I photographed at the bottom.

The alley leading downhill from the Hoehyeon apartment.

What I hadn't realised when I took this shot was how many people you could see climbing the paths directly uphill of the cliff face.

Sampung, always a trusted name in construction. Right next to the Namsan Tunnel gate.

The way up again.

But what's this?

Some kind of weird dish with earphones. Conspiracy theorists, start your perpetual-motion engines.

Very curious to learn more.

And back down to earth.

See? I can take nice photos too.

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