The Search for Butt Goats

I started at the top of the stairs and went downhill.

At this point I was hiding behind a wall because I thought I heard someone coming up. It must've just been the wind though.

Well there are some flowers, but they're fake.

This was all part of a fortune teller's place.

I guess the fortune teller would do that thing where you spin the globe and travel to wherever your finger ends up pointing to?

And this would be the name of the fortune teller's.

Grumpy gorilla broke his scissors.

Shepherd Jesus broke his windows.

Humping graffiti.

Finally, butt goats.

There's something I've been meaning to get off my dorsal fin...

Demolition has already begun, but I expect it'll take quite a while.

Closer look at the demo.

This house had a very interesting tree wrapped around it.

I like this steep road, where they built a stairway in the middle for people to use but let enough room on the side for car tires.

At almost the top looking down.

I really wish this picture was in focus. Probably the floweriest picture ever taken. Sometimes I have to share the fails.

Looking toward the river.

I also stopped by the demolished neighbourhood nearest Singeumho Station.

A clearer view.

I've been watching this particular area for a few years now, waiting for something to happen. I kind of think nothing will.

And over to another area, this one now demolished once the third-nearest abandoned neighbourhood to Singeumho Station.

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