Exploring with Jez

We had to be very careful, because Jez turned out to be paralysed and got around in a wheelchair.

It's a miracle! the church healed her!

We were a bit cautious about going up on stage, with Jez pondering that we might go to Hell if we come up here. If that were true, Hell must be full of preachers.

Very interesting altar. I've never seen anything like this before.

Familiar to anyone?

On the exterior stairwell of the church.

It looks like there were evictees around here.

Jesus, seen here with a hole in one of his palms, but the hole in his chest isn't part of the Bible, is it? Or wait, didn't they pierce his side with a spear or something?

I found this below. No odour, but is it possible someone was mixing up molotov cocktails?


This image was hilarious to Jez. I think if anyone out there can figure out the terrible pun, it's my dad. The writing on the menu is incidental, just where I happened to place the coins.

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