New Town

I take this road to work every day.

You can tell by the piled up garbage and missing windows that this area isn't in good health.

There are lots of interesting traditional-inspired buildings in the area.

And lots of regular buildings from the '80s.

This one's probably newer than the '80s.

I found this old touristy pot in one place.

Looks like the blossoms are starting to die. I can never remember what this kind is called. The

Rainy couch.

It's basically a wall of abandoned apartments.

I found a very beautiful Hanok under a blossoming tree.

The quality of this place was pretty good. Very traditional looking wood.

The interior was all wallpapered up.

This painting was ruined and wet.

A very prominent tree on the roof.

Tire repair to the roof.

Hard to tell how traditional of a Hanok this one is with the shed in the madang and the ugly roof, but it looks like it used to be a good example of a Hanok.

Here's Jesus in one of those kind of 3D pictures where everything is a bit convex.

This was a bit surprising to find in a building.

I started to notice this symbol spraypainted at the doors of a lot of buildings, basically the Korean character for "S" in a circle. It must mean something to do with eviction but I've never seen it before, or can think of any word it could be short for.

This house seems to be Japanese imperial era. At first I thought it could be obeying the architectural rules of a Hanok, but it definitely wasn't.

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