New Town Animals (not the band)

I found this old newspaper in the floor of one Hanok. There was nowhere I could see a date, but I'm guessing by the "010" prefix to phone numbers it existed after cell phones were introduced.

In one place we found this old shamanistic wallpaper.

The madang was completely closed off under a canopy.

Looks like they're trying to take the tiles.

A ridiculous tin canopy for a madang.

Looking down over the Hanok neighbourhood.

The view across the slope.

And the view with flowers.

A 1988 newspaper used for insulation in one building.

We ran into three more people who were exploring the neighbourhood. You can see one here.


This turned out looking a lot more like a band photo shoot than I was expecting.

We followed this woman with her young kid and a second baby strapped to her through the area.

This was in a surprisingly nice house that was left in pristine condition.

Whoever installed the gutter had trouble dealing with the naturally concave roof.

Three rooves.

Jessica said this place creeped her out. I hurried in, and despite the fact it was a bit darker than the others, I didn't feel it.

Must've been a mirror hanging here.

Lanterns on the ceiling. It's vaguely possible this could've been a fortune teller's house.

We randomly saw two other people who looked like they were just visitors too.

This run-down-looking shack was a second-floor extension to a Hanok. Looks like it was added much later after construction.

The naturally curved roof.

Not so natural.

We found food that still looked like it was edible.

Or plastic.

I thought this place was a restaurant, but the bed throws doubt on that.

Interesting design on the wall.

Unfortunately it wasn't complete anymore.


A torn-out drawer to a chest or something.

An abandoned madang.

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