Snake Liquor Church

This place had two nice chandeliers still hanging from the ceiling, as well as two not-so-nice plastic gloves filled with water. I think this has something to do with collecting moisture or killing mosquitos or something.

Heading up the hill.

There's more demolition since I was there last Thursday.

We managed to get up to where this sketch was drawn.

At first I thought it was of this.

But it's of this.

I managed to get into this room which I'd spied from the church last time but been blocked by some friendly teenage vandals. I'd seen these large pots (although they looked larger from farther back), and we managed to investigate.

They seem to be Chinese in origin instead of Korean.

We found a bottle of baemsool, snake liquor.

Looks like it's definitely from the other Korea.

Unfortunately there was no snake in it.

We opened the lid and each had a sniff, though none of us was brave enough to actually drink abandoned snake liquor.

And then we went for food at a great Korean barbecue restaurant nearby.

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