UE Meetup

A look across the recently saved Seobu Ichon-dong. The protest signs have been up so long, I doubt they're even thinking about taking them down. And as far as I know, now that Dream Hub has collapsed, they're all safe for now.

Heading underground.

It reminds me of a sunflower. There's no scale on this photo but each of those squares would have the width to allow a person to pass through.

The light was a bit stronger under it.

We found this dead cat that must've gotten stuck down there.

Ken got to the top first and helped everyone over.

All safely up above ground. The north end of the underground passageway can be seen behind them.

Heading through the Yongsan Electronics Market.

Another look at the mess that is Yongsan Railyard.

It was a very entertaining time indeed.

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