Joongang Cinema

The second-story main area has this space-looking thing hanging from the ceiling.

Washroom entrance

Are you a finger star?

Kind of an eerie contrast here.

This is one of the theater rooms. No seats left, and quite a mess.

Another. There were at least six, with one extra large multi-level one.

I lent out my tripod and still need it back.

Another theater.

Employee lockers.

This was their uniform.

Tape reels still sit around inside.

I opened one but was sure not to touch it for fear the oils on my skin would damage it.

This was a typical schedule I guess. They were showing several movies only a few of which I recognise: the remake of The Housemaid, Yes Men, and Hurt Locker.

Sensor parts.

Oh no, orbs!

I tried using my flashlight to provide more natural lighting. Would work with a tripod.

Looking out through the front windows onto the street out front.

They had a theater called "Indie Space."

Only sign of the seats that were once there.

Some kind of large, heavy telephony device. How do you turn on the screen?

Inside Indie Space, the walls were an eye-aching pink.

The floor in this one part was covered with footprints, but the grime was too old for me to leave my own mark in them. Must've been created long ago when the floor was slightly wet and a lot of workers were going through.

Same picture without the shadow of my camera.

Snack stand.

Heading upstairs.

From the roof, we watched people catching the bus.

This building may still be active, or at least used for storage. On the main floor is an active clothing store.

Setting up his tripod.

When we got back to my scooter, someone had left us a gift.

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