International Trespassers' Day

She wants to go too.

Looking over Gajwa-dong.

The storm clouds in the distance were worrying.

Looking over the New Town development.

And craning my head to the left from the previous shot.

This road down the middle is kind of a land bridge, with a severe dropoff on both sides.

Coming back around 5, I was surprised how dark the sky was getting, but the Sun was still bright.

This one looks easy enough to climb.

The others are taller.

This one can't be more than three stories tall, barely bringing it above street level.

Storm's a-brewing, and you do not want to be up a crane when it rains.

A closer look at the wall.

This crane seems to be in the midst of self-assembly.

Driver's seat.


More complicated.

There was a brief sunshower, as you can tell by the pedestrian with an umbrella.

Time to head down.

A closer look at the crane in mid-assembly.

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