Seoul Friendship Fair

This is the entrance to the International Food Court.

I ran into a former student I used to teach at Hyundai down in Cheonan. His wife is Indonesian, and despite the fact their kid is mixed race, she was still scared of me.

I don't quite see the point of posing with a cardboard cutout of Africans while wearing a green nose.

Oh, it's for charity. Right.

This was the first picture I got with cultists in it. Can you find them?

Pretty sure this was Indian.

I got a chicken kebab from the Afghanistan tent. It was amazing.

Cultists! They were everywhere. Thousands of them.

I guess the younger ones are all off love-bombing foreigners.

This was for a Bible sermon that Peter attended.

And more cultists. Yellow seems to indicate Tribe of Simon but I don't know how seriously they take that colour coding.

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