Seoul in 2030 as imagined by international students

I don't know if the apartment on the left is taking off so it doesn't need to use up land, or if it just wiped out a moon village so it can come in for a landing. The 1st Robot President commands it.

This might explain the need for rocket-powered apartments.

Looking forward to Batman patrolling Seoul's skies.

The upper one actually looks pretty accurate. The lower one, well, we can hope, but more realistically one of those flags is gonna have to go.

Rocket ambulance will solve a lot of problems caused by Seoul traffic. I'm also impressed by the skyscraper-sized robot in the lower right.

Upper left looks more like Willy Wonka's factory. Sure looks polluted there. But noting is more awesome than dinosaurs in Seoul. The caption reads "Seoul releases DNA."

Oops, doubles on the right column. The upper left one could conceiveably come true along the river if they're colourblind in the future, and the lower left one looks like what I imagine Yongsan might look like by then.

I guess we still will need national defence in 2030, so forget about the whole friendship thing.

Won't flying cars just phase out elevated roads?

I find it interesting that this picture is from a much different perspective, over the shoulder of someone in apparently a moving vehicle where they're consuming alcoholic beverages. Not sure also, but they seem to be some sort of pig people. This picture also admittedly could've done with some tasteful blurring.

Lower picture, I like the walking subway.

So basaically today, only with more colour. And is that a roller coaster in the upper picture?

Where did all the buildings go? Are they under those steep green slopes? Or did too many flying car accidents wipe them all out?

Oh sweet, cloud city. The upper right and possibly lower left both seem to have combined subways and roller coasters.

On the right, have they found a way to dye all the water?

If the population decreases I could see something like this becoming a possibility farther down the road.

This one is interesting. People seem capable of flying. I'm not sure if that's a function of the wands they're holding, with Harry Potter seeming like the most likely inspiration (but even he needed a broom). Also, are they engaged in open warfare? Everyone seems to be shooting at each other. This kid is going to be totally disappointed if there's ever a war here. Probably five seconds after this picture depicts, half the people in it are clearly dead.

Fuck yes, hoverboards!

An army of robot waiters serving one customer. Yeah, I could see it happening.

This is pretty much modern-day Seoul.

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