51+ Festival

I made it up to the roof in time to see Ha Heon-jin.

If you haven't heard him before, he performs surprisingly authentic-sounding blues.

The rooftop stage was very nice.

I went downstairs and caught Pigbit5, who were a lot of fun.

I went up to the roof where I caught another one-man blues act. This I believe was Kim Tae-chun.

Everyone's favourite political prisoner was out with his camera.

The Sun was setting.

There was a heavy Cort demonstration there.

Next I went downstairs for Look and Listen.

Here's Juyoung without her camera.

Here's Tel recently returned from New York after attending this year's Met Gala.

Kim Ganji begins setting up for Command27.

And Burke busts out his suit again. Same old suit from all those years ago, or does he have a closet full of them?

And Ahn Akhee transformed back into Sidney.

The crowd was enjoying the show a lot more than it looks here.

Burke singled a couple guys out to have a full-on wrestling match in the pit.


They even got another guy to serve as announcer.

And then it was time for Mexican food.

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