Lantern Festival

This big lantern pagoda is set up in Sejong Plaza.

Cheonggyecheon has been populated by lantern Buddhists.

We got to the now traditional viewing place for the lantern parade prior to its start.

It doesn't get more comfortable than this.

Ross replied to something I posted on Facebook, and I was able to look down and spot him in the crowd. There he is, third from the left with the hat crouching over his cell phone. I suggested they come up and join us, but he said he'd gotten there hours earlier for those front-row seats.

We showed up late for a 6:30 reservation for our bedding place.

And we're off.

When I first took this I thought it was strollers. Now I see it's wheelchairs.

Keep moving!

We could see far, far down Jongno.

They were taking turns moving forward.

A fun way to observe crowd dynamics.

These women were twirling their dual lanterns as they walked forward.

It almost looks like a fluid.

Back to regular-speed time.

The disadvantage of being six floors up behind double glass was that we couldn't hear the elephant.

Here come the fire-breathing dragons.

And here's a float to make Jo feel welcome. I just realised if I'd waited for it to pass and photographed it from behind, it would've been moreso.

Still a lot to come.

The dragon always seems to be somewhere near the end.

The face is blurred but I got an interesting look at how it does that full-body shiver.

Back at Cheonggyecheon, Jenn led a mini-RASKB tour of the lanterns representing Buddhist legends.

This was the guy who got decapitated, but rather than blood his neck stump spewed milk.

This is the guy who drank out of a gory skull and liked it. Luckily Buddhists don't perform Communion.

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