First stop was this old abandoned wedding hall.

Jo had told me it wasn't hard to get inside, but things seem to have changed since his visit the previous week.

Next stop was the Wolmi Eunha Rail, a monorail line that runs around Wolmi-do and will almost certainly never open.

The tracks are up and there's talk of tearing them down.

I circled the island, following the tracks.

From the road I spotted this abandoned building.

It turns out it was previously run by the Incheon Port Authority.

A nice view of the port.

And there goes the monorail track.

Of the two buildings, the second was gutted.

Here's the monorail station by the amusement parks.

And this is the other station, which is a little farther from the amusement parks. By the way, did you know there are two amusement parks on Wolmi-do?

This one was sealed up pretty tight.

I'm curious what this is. My best guess is it's some sort of RFID reader for easy access.

Next: a rooftop overlooking Chinatown.

This direction is a little more distinctly Chinatown.

Overlooking the port toward Wolmi-do, where you can see the monorail line.

An interesting, old-fashioned Korean hotel.

It looks like previous rooftop visitors have tried running up this ramp-like thing. Fortunately for them they didn't make it very far.

A cruise ship with a naval vessel.

I stopped by this stream to admire the view.

Just kidding, I was there to check this underground tunnel entrance. Probably the foulest-smelling tunnel I've ever come across.

Nobody told me Incheon had one of these!

The windows are almost certainly not real, but the fuselage looks pretty authentic. I couldn't say what model of plane it is, but almost certainly not a 747.

And it also is no longer active.

The peaceful streets of Songdo.

Something about this block of buildings reminds me of Pyongyang, if everything were coated in glass and all the people disappeared.

I found out the hard way this building is still under construction.

I'm currently a little over half as high as the rooftop of the Northeast Asia Trade Tower, which is still not fully open.

Toward the water, you can see how undeveloped Songdo is.

The building on the left was active, but the other two were almost completely empty.

I've been in this park many times back when the Bible Expo was still here.

A pretty nice rooftop.

The view over this one was nice.

Down in the streets again.

A common view in Songdo.

The grounds of a lot of the buildings around here were very nice.

Happy Birthday Buddha!

Very International Business District-looking.

Self portrait in the washroom of one of the three buildings pictured a while back.

You can see the floors are all empty in that tower.

Looking toward the bulk of Songdo.

More to come.

It was an interesting intermediate rooftop.

I wonder how popular this community center is.

Over on the mainland, I found an old abandoned neighbourhood.

This land being so close to Songdo IBD has a lot of potential value.

There was a temple up there too.

And the real estate office got hit too.

The train tunnel construction site had some entertaining safety rules in six languages for no reason.

I'm not even sure this qualifies as English.

Construction on the Suin Line which will run between Incheon and Suwon.

I didn't go far due to how dark it was inside.

A friendly construction worker.

This one looks like he just wants to go home.

Time to catch the train home.

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