The Host: Ladies' Night

Last time we were here I was very impressed with the shadows cast by people standing in front of the drainpipe. One of the things I wanted to do was have fun with silhouettes here.

Lighting Allie on fire.

She did a pretty good job of keeping the sparks away from herself and us.

Dying out.

She wanted to try more eccentric patterns too.

I only realised after looking at the pictures that we came dangerously close to upskirt photography territory.

Time for more fire. We pivoted 90 degrees so the background would be looking down the tunnel.

We found that the harder you swing, the brighter it glows.

Sometimes you have to stoke it to light it up.

Probably the most solid image of her at work.

Ken brought out his flash at this point.

I like to have mine on a higher setting. Ken rigged up his two speedlights to backlight the tunnel.

A weak burn.

Now it's going.

With Ken's flashes firing.

This shot captured the apparatus we used. It was incredibly jury rigged and incredibly lucky. I couldn't find any chain, so I was using a yellow tie like the kind used to bind newspapers. Then right outside the tunnel I managed to get a half meter of wire, which I could twist to loop around the tie and hold the steel wool.

Next, Ken wanted to do some photos with silhouette. I simply kept my camera where it was and left my camera in several long exposures.

The master at work.

This is probably the closest I got to what he was trying to do.

In this one the tunnel is lit really well all the way down.

After, the three of us returned to the tent restaurants in front of Yongsan Station in the old red-light district for dakgalbi.

We got a visit from everyone's favourite Ken-themed Muppet, Beaker.

This place was still impressively alive at midnight.

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