Baby Seal Club

The first band was Strugglefucks, a very tight garage punk band.

I could tell Aaron was disturbed I took this shot. Am I the last one who still knows him as Jebus?


The next band was No Problem, fronted by Graeme MacKinnon formerly of the Wednesday Night Heroes.

Some asshole left a sticker on the towel dispenser in the washroom.

This is the Mandates from Calgary.

The Vicious Cycles from Vancouver turned out to include Rob Wright, the former frontman of Edmonton band les Tabernacles. He was back visiting Edmonton, same as me, though I guess his cross-country van ride was longer than my flight over the Pacific.

I finally got my speedflash working in a way that I liked for them.

They set their keyboard on fire.

He looks sort of like an alien from Prometheus here.

Going to the bar for a drink.

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