Around Edmonton

We met up with Jean Pierre Van Eck, a veteran of the Korean War, for an interview.

I visited an old friend, former Lieutenant-Governor Lois Hole. The only time she didn't hug me.

It shocked me how little Edmontonians care about the rain. After a day of tornado warnings and "heavy" rain, people are walking around without umbrellas, even this woman and her baby. It's raining lightly right now.

Abandoned power plant. No, I never tried.

The view from La Ronde, the rotating restaurant at the top of Chateau Lacombe, looking toward the Muttart Conservatory.

And the Rossdale Power Plant, as well as whatever the baseball stadium is called now (let me guess -- Telus Skyreach Scotiabank Ball Field).


One very tall building in the distance.

You can see MacDonald Hotel on the left, and the Edmonton Queen in the river.

The shadows of downtown creep toward the Muttart like giant fingers.

You can see the Highlevel Bridge.

As the lighting situation changes, some things get easier to photograph.

I'd consider this the center of downtown Edmonton.

On the way home around 10:30pm.

There was mist in the field.

So we decided to get our tripods and go visit.

I told him he was only getting 1/3 his money's worth by insisting on using his tripod as a monopod.

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