Drain Clowner

Right after I took this picture, I saw people coming so I hid the mask. They were city drain inspectors and I had an informative short conversation with them. Turns out there is a similar culvert in the area that's abandoned and has homeless people living in it.

The end is only about 50 meters away.

Two-headed clown.

I took this one by sticking the flashlight inside the mask.

At the top of this hill is an important road with sidewalks. I took my chances nobody would be walking by.

Walking through the park. This was the best weather I saw during my stay, though it rained heavily a few hours later.

Finally clear weather at the River Valley.

I wanted to do a self portrait here but there were just too many people.

Closest I got, but didn't have time to pose.

Down in the ravine.

I got really muddy taking this shot.

Time to clown this drain.

Here's one "making of" shot.

I dropped my flashlight in the water and couldn't find it again.

After coming out, everything was humid for a while.

They made this clearing which seems to mirror the one on the other side, where there's a staircase. They must be planning to build something here.

Looks like they need a bigger clown barrier.

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