Korea Night

First, a couple pictures of Ava being a little more friendly with me.

This is Elliot, who wasn't born yet last time I was in Edmonton.

And this is their daughter, Edie.

I'm guessing she likes beer too?

Elliot only wanted to play his mobile game.

I had to ask for scissors to cut the meat. How are you supposed to cut galbi with four knives?

Elliot was distracted by the complexity of trying chopsticks.

He came close to being pretty good.

Somehow this turned out to be a pretty good picture of River and Edie.

This wasn't the worst romanisation I saw there.

Annan's cat looks out into the backyard.

There was a magpie or something watching us. Guy wants.

I think it was around 9pm now.

First time I've seen Leith in a long long time.

He's even taller than Aaron.

Driving back to my parents' place at midnight, this was how much light you could see on the horizon.

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