Slackers Show 2

On the walk to Pawn Shop, I passed the streetcar.

Whyte Ave

I practiced using my speedlight off body a bit.

The Slackers started off by playing what seemed like the same set from last night, but then switched to entirely different songs.

Rich tried to bottle me for taking too many pictures.

Every time I went back stage, I would first think this thing was a real person.

The stage lighting isn't very flattering in most places, especially the middle of the stage.

Where Vic was set up was alright.

Glen was usually under the Oompa Loompa lights, so in a lot of pictures I just decided to take out the colour.

In this shot they were all looking at something on the projector screen behind me.

Vic was enjoying the reverb he was getting out of this organ.

Dave was generally in slightly better lighting, although this picture probably has way too much magenta.

And sometimes we got much better lighting which would at least make them look human.

Much better lighting.

Dr Erick was the DJ for the show.

What probably 90% of all live music photography looks like.

This is Darin, the promoter who brought the Slackers to Alberta.

Usually I prefer being much closer to the band.

Vic was telling a story. I think this one was about the song "Sooner or Later," which was about dealing with someone stalking him.

Sometimes the bright colours work to your advantage.

But the natural tones always look better.

I wish all musicians I photographed wore white.

They did that thing where they made everyone get down.

Usually it's hard getting pictures of Agent Jay because he's way in back and doesn't dress as brightly as Marcus.

Stand up!

Jory joined the Slackers on stage for a few songs.

Here's Fathead Sean doing the Alberta point.

And a quick talk with Jory backstage about their upcoming Japan tour.

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