Mostly Demolished

This building was half knocked down.

Ever since I stepped in one of these, I've hated them. They seem to exist for cleaning the wheels of trucks.

I followed the tire tracks.

There wasn't a lot to see up close.

This old house had been torn down except one wall.

Decent view of the city on a misty day.

Looking back the way I came.

Looking downhill.

This building seemed to be a community center.

This road through the middle was still quite active.

Abandoned teddy bear.

I think this is the mascot for Singapore, but no clue.

I hadn't noticed the mannequin when I took this picture.

A motivational poster for pig mothers.

I can't quite figure out what this says, mainly due to the main verb on the right.

There seemed to be a temple or shrine of some kind up ahead.

A closer look at the shrine or whatever it is.

From higher up.

The name in Chinese.

Next door neighbours.

This was inside.

The door was barred but easy to open and then lock up again.

No clue.

Seems to be names.

The shrine or whatever it is seemed to be paired with this house and the tree.

Other people.

They drive off.

A nearby highrise.

These boys came in as I was leaving and headed downhill.

Tyler originally pointed this building out to me online.

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