Abandoned Hanok Village

The girl at the Hyundai Department Store bowed to everyone on their way out.

There were so many more workers here, just directing traffic or bowing.

I found Jacco at home.

This roof was covered with tar.

No idea what this is supposed to mean.

Following Jacco through the area.

There's the Hyundai Department Store looming in the background.

Barbed wire in the process of being put up.

A few roofs in disrepair and a much newer building that has an ugly rust colour.

Jacco really wants to go to this handmade candy shop if it's ever open.

This now is the abandoned area.

Looks like some kind of renovation had been done here, possibly to extend the size of this upper floor.

Each home had this police warning on it.

Family graffiti.

CCTV warning. I wish they took this good care of Hanoks while they were still open. Also, beware the four great evils of society.

Fortune teller.

Sagging roof.

More art on the walls.

An evictee headquarters.

The view from the far end.

That has to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

I like how this tiger is glowing.

No clue what this means.

It wasn't for fear of CCTV, but a dog barking nearby that I didn't risk climbing in.

Oh look, a Buy the Way.

Inside the department store.

There was a nice view from the roof although it was through a window.

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