Cult Parade

When I showed up in Itaewon, there were all these guys standing around in "guide" pinneys.

And younger people holding these signs naming countries that participated in the Korean War.

More guides, all along the street.

And you can read his: "We thank you as citizens of korea.
We will never forget you
and will forever have grateful hearts."

A cameraman posed to video the events.

A preliminary parade marches by.

Every time the crosswalk was open, they'd run out on one side and hold up this banner. I think it may have actually caused a traffic accident in the lower left.

You can see a cop dealing with the two drivers. World peace!

I think they were invovled with the banner.

IPYG is the new Mannam.

Next we saw the cops hurrying along to secure the whole street. Peter had previously warned them but I don't think they quite took it seriously until they started to notice how many people were involved.

The parade starts for real this time.

They were going below us too.

The other side got a marching band.

No clue what the one on the left says. On the right, that's the only SCJ salute I saw the whole night.

On the right here, a hand signal gives away who's really behind this.

Foreigners! I posted this picture on Facebook and the guys in it actually randomly found it. They were just randomly handed flags and roped into the parade without knowing what it was about (beyond the whole Korean War thing).

We talked to two other guys later who'd participated; as soon as they heard the name Mannam they knew they'd been tricked. And on the right, it says "Only one light in the world." Then how can "light meets light" and create victory?

The sign on the left doesn't say anything major, just platitudes about war.

This sign is pretty telling. Roughly "Religious peace Heavenly culture guitar." Not sure about that last word.

Billy Brandt (pictured right) is a porn star. Pictured is Willy Brandt.

I pulled back for a while because SCJ already has enough footage of me.

And then here come the cops.

As the last of the SCJ marchers cleared out, we heard another religious voice coming toward us. This guy started preaching in English when he got close to us. He asked if we believe, to which I replied "We don't believe in SCJ." He immediately recognised the name and morphed into a completely cool normal person, and we had an interesting conversation about SCJ (he'd had no clue about the parade just minutes earlier). I told him that now of all times was perfect for him to do his thing, and I thought it would be interesting to invite more of these guys to SCJ events. He asked us if we were believers and all four of us in turn said we weren't, at which point rather than condemn us to Hell he said he hoped to see us in Heaven and continued on his way.

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