Korea Blog Welcoming Ceremony

On the way, I took a dangerous (well, illegal) detour over Sejong Plaza.

The roof of the Institute of Traditional Korean Food.

A little higher from there.

Looking toward Changdeokgung.

There's Daegaksa.

Looking downtown over the Hanok village.

My team leader and two of the bloggers.

She wandered into this picture.

We got a tour of the area by Yoon Sook-ja, the president of the institute.

Trying to get everyone squeezed in for a group photo.

Looking out over Jongmyo.


The institute prepared a full meal for us which I left to the bloggers themselves to photograph.

My boss gets interviewed.

A group photo with everyone but me.

The kitchen staff got together for a picture.

The setup photos were more entertaining.

After, we went to a nearby Hanok where a lot of them stayed the night.

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