Sunin Gymnasium

Before I even expected it, I got a good look at what was left of the gym.

The way there was a bit treacherous, so I brought out my phone and played this song.

The bases of both towers were gutted, just the supports remaining.

Well, there's still a way up.

Looking across at the other tower. That's the one I explored with Will back in 2010.

They've completely restored this other building which was originally in really bad shape when we first saw it.

The other direction.

This was as high as I went because I was very worried about the state of the staircase. You can se it's broken up there, as was done on every level. My guess is it's to facilitate a safer collapse, which is no comfort to me. The rest of the landing also felt quite weak.

This picture gives some hint of the magnificence this building formerly possessed.

There may have originally been a way into the arena through here.

Fortunately the other tower was a bit sturdier.

I think I've been in this room before.

There was a small village left just beside the gym. They were playing what sounded like protest music.

I believe I posed Will one floor up from here.

The roof was flooded with no drainage.

The dry way down.


An overview of the campus. Notably missing is one building we examined very closely.

I eventually got out by slogging through the wasteland below.

On those steps I took a bunch of goofy posed pictures with Will.

Technically this part of the roof is an overhang, so this shot just goes to show how much faith I put in concrete.

Rooftop seaweed.

From third floor to second. Shortly after, I saw another guy wandering around. He clearly wasn't security, but I hid anyway. He ended up wandering over to the other tower and climbingg up. I saw him on the second floor and just retreated.


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