Driving to Jisan Rock Festival

The first strange thing I found was this abandoned buffet restaurant, which I think was still in Seoul.

It was in bad shape and there wasn't too much to see. I was in a hurry.

This is around where Woncheon Lakeland used to stand.

Maybe I should ask the KTO for more money.

On the way through Yongin, I passed by a huge abandoned factory complex. According to Naver Map this used to be a Pacific Glass factory.

There are a lot of other buildings not readily visible from the road.

Deeper into the complex you find the stuff that's really been reclaimed by nature.

Cut to after the Jisan Rock Festival, when I begin my drive back to Seoul.

I stopped by this place in Suwon. My very first adult student back in 2004 used to live here.

Last, Millie.

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