Dr Ring Ding afterparty at Club Ta

Buster heard I was going to see members from a band called the Busters, but didn't care.

After eating fried chicken, there was a big jam session.

Dr Ring Ding got up on stage and joined in.

The guy on the right was an original member of the Senior All-Stars. The two other guys are Barcelona members of his new band Dr Ring Ding Ska-vaganza.

The guy in the black shirt is Joep, a member of Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation. We originally met online back when MySpace was a thing, and he helped us connect with Dr Ring Ding. Currently, he lives in Daegu with his girlfriend and is active in the world fusion band Artkiki. I'm hoping to do a show with him sometime around late September.

The Doctor and Seok-yul stepped up to the microphones.

As I mention on the TBS eFM show, he has a huge tattoo of "Rocksteady" on his arm.

A break for chicken with the Doberman guys.

Right when I thought the night was over, the Doberman members jumped on stage.

Joined of course by a Kingston Rudie and a Senior All-Star.

Afterwards there was time for drunk group pictures.

Probably the saddest picture of Dr Ring Ding performing imaginable.

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