There are a lot of buildings this size in this area, such as the one I'm standing on.

I guess you can't go apartment-hunting without apartment weapons.

Though this hose can probably do more damage. Someone had placed it in this top-floor room to imbue the whole building with water.

It's kind of hard to see where the far edge of this area is, but it's not a large area.

Oh look, there's the hose.

There it goes out the gate.

I went in the other stairwell of the building, to find this side inundated with water too.

This wall was heavy with water.

Up on the roof.

The way down.

I traced the hose down to a faucet under that black material. This building also is abandoned but has some utilities. I don't know what the deal is with this, if it's to prevent loose dust or asbestos, or some other form of sabotage.

This area is more liveable.

The roof of Yujin Arcade.

There's an interesting market in the area.

This section was alarmed. When I went further down the passage, a red light on the fluorescent light started flashing.

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