Practice Hall Show with Daikaiju and Round Eye

Yuppie Killer

The official Yuppie Killer stickers, as seen in the FF washrooms.

Next band was the Kitsches.

"Yes, that's right, kneel."

Actually, he probably just has balance issues.

Yongjoon wanted to catch up and find out where this guy bought this stylish SS shirt.

So, Round Eye are a foreigner band from Shanghai.

He appears to be wearing some sort of Mohair vest.

Broken strap.

Here's Yongjoon with shorter hair, in preparation for starting a new job the next day.

Daikaiju came out in masks.

Who the hell is outside?

Agh! Close it!

Then, in case you thought the show wasn't homoerotic enough already, he strapped a Doosan Bear to his back.

Maybe not Mixed Blood, but they're bound to be mixing some bodily fluids here.

What's going on with the guy on the right?

Time to free Matt.

Or not!

Honestly this shot would've been ten times better if the promise of buttcrack had been followed through.

Matt looks way less afraid than I would be right now.


Then, somehow, they managed to swap themselves out for people in the audience who finished off the rest of the show.

I found the actual band outside, getting out of their masks and flopping down on the couches, not bothering to tell anyone the show was over.

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