New Town

I'd never been in this section before.

Rooftop head.

Overlooking some old buildings.

We came across this really weird art installation.

And this, which while still weird isn't quite as mind-blowing as the other. Except now that I look, I see a similar installation on the second floor I might have to go back to see.

A family portrait.

Not only do they not distinguish between North and South Korea, but they also clearly depict the lesser-known East Korea.

A toilet with a view.

Rooftop keyboard.

Rooftop Soulkee.

This roof is in really bad shape.

More piracy.

The Formidable Lady from Shaolin appears to not be porn after all.

Lots of graffiti in this place.

When I went upstairs I ran into a squatter putting on his pants. We got out of there fast.

There's Jesus.

Ivan found this talking robot toy. No idea what it was saying though.

A huge stack of old records, now damaged irreparably by the elements.

Abandoned hospital.

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