We found this beautiful old auditorium all locked up.

Not the same building.

When I found this strange collection of fish in a jar, I thought it was pretty major.

Around here, we ran into a small group of Korean photographers who seemed to be doing the same thing as us.

When we got to this room, we thought the peeling paint everywhere was really photogenic.

Old specimens of some kind.

Then we walked in on this nightmare.

What is this even?

Next is tadpoles in what look like several developmental phases.

Next one over is going to be even more terrifying.

I still have nightmares about this. Now you will too.

This room was in condition unlike anything else there.

Here you can see the bulk of the specimens.

Next: the roof.

Looking back at the auditorium.

What started as a picture of one suddenly became a picture of two.

Tyler, who was going at a different pace, enthusiastically texted me a picture of this VHS cassette box.

More hallway porn.

Another specimen room, this one probably for plants.

I found a series of nice traditional Korean paintings depicting rural life.

The inside of the auditorium.

An old photo of possibly the same complex.

I found a stack of Seoul University diploma folders (empty) inside.

From above.

And there's this thing.

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