UE Meetup

Inside an abandoned Hanok.

Roof tiles.

I'd been hearing this kind of graffiti was showing up here and there. It's strange and I can't tell if it was done by the usual hired goons or just graffiti artists trying to soften their message.

Jesus picture.

We found an interesting little enclave of homes I'd never been to before.

When we first arrived, someone asked me for clarification on taking things from sites. When I saw this, I said it was the perfect example of something I would never take.

Jenn had said these were the scariest curtains ever, or something like that.

These sticks are part of a game that, coincidentally, is played on Chuseok. Unfortunately none of us were positive how it's played.

This room still had traditional Korean paper.

This room had a number of large pictures still on the walls.

Meh, he's a couple popes out of date now, I guess is the reasoning.

Some badass graffiti alright.

This made Jen feel too good.

This one house had numerous framed articles hanging all over the place.

A very old-looking logo.

A very non-Korean-style radiator.

We ran into this guy who was busy cleaning and restoring old discarded records. He told us that some of the records he recovers are worth a very high sum, though it was a bit confusing communicating numbers with him.

Pointing out one song he considers very significant, which I'm assuming is this version.

Overlooking the Hanok section.

Hospital rooftop.

From here we can see the market. Also, police standing in front. I didn't stay up here long.

Here's Ryan showing off his tiara and abandoned toilet.

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