Seoul International Fireworks Festival

An unusually photogenic picture of Nikola of Kojects.

When I was actually there, my eyesight wasn't good enough to see all the people on the bridge.

I thought this cloud looked like the Korean Peninsula.

Yeouido is getting blanketed in smoke.

There was a full-fledged barbecue party (two actually) happening on the roof below us.

Where'd Yeouido go?

Our perch.

Other direction.

Traffic was slow.

Yeouido lit up by the reflection of fireworks.

As you can see in this picture, traffic was very one-way.

It really looks like there's a fire somewhere in this picture. Even the spotlight looks sort of like a stream of water.

Someone's finale shot.

We were undecided what the G stood for.

Afterwards, we went to a cozy restaurant next door.

Somehow it was even more nice looking in photo than in person.

Ah, joyful-looking Europeans.

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